2012 Annual Meeting Post-Meeting Resources

Final copies of policy amendments, action items, and speaker presentations can be found below. Please contact Amanda Bryant if you have any questions regarding these documents.

Featured Resources

National Plant Board Affiliate Report to NASDAAssociation of American Pesticide Control Officials Affiliate Report to NASDA2012 Animal & Plant Industries Committee Report2012 Marketing & International Trade Committee Report2012 Food Regulation & Nutrition Committee Report2012 Rural Development & Financial Security Committee Report2012 Natural Resources, Pesticide Management, and Environment Committee ReportConsumer's Views of Biotechnology - Kimberly Reed, International Food Information Council FoundationConservation Programs and NRCS Priorities - Chief Dave White, Natural Resources Conservation ServicePolicy Amendment 1a: Border Security and Legal Workforce ReformPolicy Amendment 3: CAFOs and NPDES PermittingPolicy Amendment 4a: Landscape Invasive SpeciesPolicy Amendment 7: Dietary Guidelines of National School Lunch and Breakfast ProgramsPolicy Amendment 8: Support the Work of Our National Dairy Community's Dairy Security ActAction Item A: Plum Pox Virus (PPV) EradicationAction Item B: State Rights and Responsibilities Under the Clean Water ActAction Item C: Firewood Treatment and LabelingAction Item D: National Plant Diagnostic Network FundingAction Item E: Public Health Implications of NPDES Permits for PesticidesAction Item F: Landscape Invasive SpeciesAction Item G: Extension of Milk Income Loss Contract (MILC) ProgramAction Item H: Crops Not Covered by Crop InsuranceAction Item I: Resources to Combat Arborviral DiseasesAction Item L: Urgent Need for a Five-Year Farm BillPolicy Amendment MatrixAction Item MatrixGM Labeling: Industry's Approach at the State Level - Cathy Enright, BIOImpact of Extended Trading Hours on Producers & Agribusiness - Troy Presley, Advance TradingPesticides & Pollinators: Science & Public Policy - Iain Kelly, Bayer CropScienceGM Labeling: Industry's Approach at the State Level - Jay Byrne, v-Fluence InteractiveState Food Safety - Joe Reardon, ORA FDAImpact of Drought on Livestock Industry - Dr. John Lawrence, Iowa State UniversityPesticides & Pollinators: Science & Public Policy - Luciana Mendiola, EcoHealth AllianceAssociation of American Plant Food Control Officials, Inc. Affiliate Report to NASDANew Agriculture Exemptions for Hours of Service - Anne Ferro, Federal Motor Carriers Safety AdministrationPilot Program on NAFTA Long-Haul Trucking Provisions - Anne Ferro, Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration2012 Annual Report