Communication Officers of State Departments of Agriculture (COSDA)

What is COSDA?

  • COSDA is an affiliate and supporting partner of NASDA that is composed of the communications officers of each state’s department of agriculture
  • The mission of COSDA is to improve communication between states and relevant federal agencies
  • By crafting and delivering key messages, COSDA promotes the nation’s agriculture industry, consumer protection initiatives and regulatory policies to the public, media, constituents and lawmakers
  • COSDA is a great, low-cost professional network that provides well-rounded insights into common issues facing communication professionals at state departments of agriculture

COSDA's Role
To achieve these objectives, COSDA has a variety of connection points for the communications professionals in your department:

  • Monthly conference calls with federal partners (USDA and FDA)
  • Timely e-mails sharing information about media attention to a specific issue
  • Annual Meeting to provide professional development, strengthen interstate relationships and promote agricultural awareness

Join Today!

  • Please take a minute to talk to your communications director and staff about the value of being involved in COSDA
  • Membership is only $50 a year per a state, and $20 for associate memberships
  • If they’re not currently members, encourage them to join. If they’re currently members but haven’t been active in COSDA recently, encourage them to incorporate our “mutual-aid system” more into their daily routines
  • If your communications staff is already active in COSDA, please support their continued involvement through active participation in the monthly conference calls and attendance at the annual meeting
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