NASDA Policy Statements

11.10. Organic Agriculture
  • NASDA supports recommendations that enhance National Organic Standards (NOS) and the National Organic Program, (NOP) and efforts to increase growth of the organic industry. These efforts include, but are not limited to, increases in organic research and in the collection of organic production and market data. For purposes of trade,
  • NASDA supports the establishment of bi-lateral agreements on the equivalency of organic standards provided those standards are truly equivalent.
  • NASDA supports the following policies:
    • Congress should provide funding at levels to support adequate NOP staffing and activities that will accomplish regulatory intent of the NOP Final Rule;
    • Congress should direct funds to states to assist with implementation of the NOP, including consumer protection and local enforcement of standards;
    • Congress should provide permanent funding for Organic Certification Cost Share Assistance;
  • The Secretary of Agriculture should encourage and support cooperative relationships between the NOP and state departments of agriculture;
  • USDA should fully and consistently implement and enforce the National Organic Program Final Rule and its organic production and handling standards;
  • USDA should actively encourage cooperation between the NOP and experienced public and private certifying agencies when addressing the practical aspects of organic production and certification issues;
  • USDA should bring the NOP into compliance with the International Standards Organization (ISO) standards for accreditation bodies.

Organic Markets and Marketing

NASDA supports efforts to increase the economic growth of the organic industry through the following:

  • USDA should include “organic” as a defined commodity in USDA market promotion programs.
  • USDA should target marketing assistance to small, medium sized, and beginning organic growers to help them capitalize on the value of their production.
  • USDA should provide adequate funding for collection and distribution of domestic organic market price data by the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), or through non-governmental organizations funded by cooperative agreements with AMS.
  • Congress should encourage cooperation among federal agencies and entities such as the Department of Commerce, Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. International Trade Commission, in order to code and track organic import and export sales.
  • USDA should pursue efforts to reform the premiums and price elections in federal crop insurance programs in order to render participation more equitable for certified organic producers.

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Document Date: September 19, 2017