NASDA Launches Review of Supplemental Food Safety Rules Released by FDA

Amanda Bryant Culp Posted on 09/26/2014 by Amanda Bryant Culp
NASDA Launches Review of Supplemental Food Safety Rules Released by FDA

NASDA seeks to ensure that agricultural producers across the nation produce a safe and affordable supply of food, fuel and fiber and have the tools they need to access markets and conserve the environment. FSMA and associated rules promulgated by FDA are an important, even historic, advancement of regulations affecting agriculture. Previously, NASDA commented on the FDA proposed rules regarding Intentional Adulteration, Sanitary Transportation, Preventive Controls for Animal Foods, Foreign Supplier Verification, Accreditation of Third-Party Auditors, Preventive Controls for Human Foods, and Produce Safety. NASDA has now initiated a careful and comprehensive examination of supplemental FSMA proposals released by FDA last week. NASDA called on the FDA to release a second draft of the proposed rules in September of last year.

NASDA welcomes the chance for an additional comment period and are actively engaged in a technical review to provide detailed comments within the 75-day comment period. As with our comments on the original proposals, they will reflect the input from State Agriculture Commissioners, Secretaries and Directors across the United States.

"We appreciate FDA’s effort over the last 18 months to tour produce farms across the country and actively engage in listening sessions to better understand the complexities of the produce system in the United States,” said NASDA CEO Dr. Barbara Glenn. “Additionally, we are thankful for FDA's willingness to take the step to reissue parts of the four rules and allow a second round of comments which NASDA advocated for. It is important that we continue to work together to develop and implement rules that are workable for produce growers and protect the public health."

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