NASDA Letter to the Mexican Association of Secretaries of Rural Development on the Importance of NAFTA


Date Sent
March 1, 2017
Dr. Michael G. Strain, NASDA President
The Honorable Hector Padilla Aguilar, Jalisco Secretary of Rural Development
The North American Free Trade Agreement
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Dear Secretary Padilla,
Thank you for your letter regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the importance of working together to continue to enhance the ties that unite us. North American agriculture has indeed made significant gains under the agreement and we look forward to collaborating with our colleagues in both Mexico and Canada to continue to foster a more integrated and prosperous North American agricultural economy.

To that end, NASDA looks forward to engaging with you and your colleagues through the Tri-National Agricultural Accord to advance enhanced harmonization of our regulatory systems in order to facilitate trade in a predictable, transparent manor. As discussions in each of our countries continue on the future of the NAFTA agreement, it is imperative we build upon the gains agriculture has made under the agreement as we look for ways to modernize it.

A robust trilateral North American trading bloc is imperative to a thriving agricultural economy in each of our nations. We are committed to advancing this regional model of regional cooperation with policymakers here in the U.S.

We value the relationships we share with our colleagues in Mexico and Canada. We are committed to working with you in the coming weeks and months to advance agriculture across North America. We are especially looking forward to this year’s Tri-National Agricultural Accord which will be held in Denver, Colorado on October 17 to 19. The opportunity for dialogue with our colleagues will undoubtedly be more important this year than ever.

Dr. Michael G. Strain
NASDA President
Commissioner, Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry