NASDA Research Foundation Request for Assistance for Soil Fumigation Manual

News Article -

The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture Research Foundation (NASDARF) has entered into a cooperative agreement (X8-83456201) with the US Environmental Protection Agency to enhance safe pesticide use through projects and activities. To that end, NASDARF is seeking applications to develop a detailed outline, manual text and graphics that incorporate task-based knowledge and skills and meet defined learning objectives for a certified soil fumigant applicator. 

As a result of Amended Reregistration Eligibility Decisions, EPA is requiring new safety measures for soil fumigant pesticides. The label will require that pesticide applicators be trained in new safety measures.  To meet this requirement, persons may attend a program established by registrants of soil fumigant pesticides or meet state requirements to become a private or commercial applicator of soil fumigants.  (Note: registrants of soil fumigant pesticides are required to establish a training program for pesticide applicators. This project does not absolve the registrants from meeting the requirement. This manual will be used by states in their certification programs.).