New NASDA Members Elected and Appointed

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While the 2010 election has passed, the effects on NASDA Membership for 2011 are just becoming clear. Twelve states elect the NASDA Member and the Governor appoints the NASDA member in thirty-eight states. Seven NASDA Members were elected this election: Bill Northey, Secretary, Iowa; Doug Goehring, Commissioner, North Dakota; Hugh Weathers, Commissioner, South Carolina; and Todd Staples, Commissioner, Texas won reelection, while John McMillan, Commissioner, Alabama; Adam Putman, Commissioner, Florida; and Gary Black, Commissioner, Georgia won election to a first term.

The Governors in two states have already announced the appointment of the NASDA Member: Jim Reese, Secretary, Oklahoma and Jim Zehringer, Director, Ohio.

The Governors were reelected in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Utah and the Virgin Islands. New Governors were elected in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin and Wyoming. The Governor of the Virgin Islands also was reelected. The recount is still on-going in Minnesota.  Except for Oklahoma and Ohio, the outcomes of appointments or reappointments for these states and the territories have not yet been made public - or at least have not yet reached the NASDA Office.

The elected Commissioners of Agriculture in the states of Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and West Virginia did not face reelection this year, nor did the Governors of Delaware, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Vermont and Virginia. No changes in membership from these states are anticipated (see the NASDA website for information on current membership ).

We will provide short profiles of new members of NASDA in NASDA News. Five are showcased in the state articles below. (Contact: Farm Policy Staff)