North Carolina: Troxler Encourages Agricultural Community to Comment on FDA's Proposed Food Safety Rules

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N.C. Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said the recent release of the long-awaited federal food safety rules represents an opportunity for farmers, packers, food companies, government and the public to work together to improve food safety in America.

The proposed rules announced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration emphasize measures that farmers and produce packers should take to prevent the contamination of fresh fruits and vegetables. The rules also include preventive measures for the manufacturing of food products.

Now that the rules are available for public comment, Troxler said it is important that farmers, packers and food manufacturers scrutinize them and take time to offer feedback. "Input from the industry and the public will be essential to ensuring that FDA gets these rules right," he said.

North Carolina was the first state to hold listening sessions as FDA was developing the proposed rules. "We commend the FDA for investing a lot of time in listening to state officials and growers across the country," Troxler said."Their approach serves as a model for how to create the kind of partnerships we all strive for - federal, state and local governments working together." For more information, click here.