Open Period Now Available for Implementing Plant Pest & Disease Management & Disaster Prevention Program and the National Clean Plant Network

News Article -

USDA APHIS announced the start of the fiscal year (FY) 2018 open period for submitting suggestions to implement Plant Pest and Disease Management and Disaster Prevention Program (PPDMDPP) of the 2014 Farm Bill. The FY 2018 open period will last six weeks from July 10, 2017, through August 18, 2017. There will be $75 million available with at least $5 million going to the National Clean Plant Network (NCPN). The open period for submitting NCPN project suggestions will be announced separately.

Please note that for FY 2018, APHIS is piloting an abbreviated format for submitting Goal 1 Survey suggestions for Farm Bill funding. Goal 1 Survey suggestors will log into Metastorm as in previous years, fill out the required Applicant and Cooperator Information, and add a very brief Abstract (one short paragraph). The remainder of the suggestion template is contained in an Excel workbook, which is posted at on the Farm Bill PPDMDPP Website, and upon completion can be uploaded to Metastorm to submit the completed suggestion. We are testing this revised format with the goal of simplifying the Goal 1 Survey suggestion submission and review processes, and are hopeful that a successful pilot will lead to simplifying the entire Farm Bill Section 10007 PPDMDPP submission process in the future.

More information about the FY 2018 open period is posted on the Farm Bill Web site. Questions about the FY 2018 open period should be sent to