Oregon: ODA Employees - Ambassadors for Public Service

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The Oregon Department of Agriculture and all state agencies find themselves in the spotlight as part of Public Service Recognition Week, May 7-13 and, specifically, State Employee Recognition Day on Wednesday, May 10. With up to 400 employees and its 36 wide-ranging programs, ODA remains a meaningful, dynamic, and fulfilling place to work for most, if not all who come to work every day.

“Our employees are committed to serving the public, to protecting our natural resources, to protecting every Oregonian through our food safety and consumer protection programs,” says ODA Director Alexis Taylor. “They are dedicated public servants who love what they do.”

While the special week provides a great opportunity for Oregonians to appreciate and thank state workers for all they do, executive leadership and managers in state government are taking the time to express appreciation for the passion and dedication employees bring to work Monday through Friday, and often on weekends.

“My message to our employees is simple– thank you,” says Taylor. “But I have a request for them to talk about what they do. A lot of times, members of the general public don’t see how state workers interact with them in their daily lives. I also have a message to the public during this special week. Please thank our public employees. They are doing work that they love to help make the state a better place. They believe in the mission.”

ODA employees are generally experts in their field and consider themselves problem solvers who are dedicated to helping the public. Director Taylor’s predecessor, Katy Coba, is now the State of Oregon’s Chief Operations Officer and Director of the Department of Administrative Services.

“I spent the majority of my career working at the Oregon Department of Agriculture,” says Coba, who left ODA late last year after heading the agency for more than 13 years  “I’ve had the privilege of working with these professional, customer service-oriented, all around fantastic staff and I know how much they care about serving Oregonians. ODA employees truly represent what it means to be an ambassador for public service.”

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Photo Caption: Oregon Director of Agriculture Alexis Taylor shares why she is proud to be a public servant.Credit: Oregon Department of Agriculture