Secretary Vilsack Reassures Farmers Affected by Missouri River Flooding

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Farmers and ranchers from severe weather affected counties in Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri met with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to discuss the implications of severe flooding along the Missouri River.  Vilsack reassured the gathering crowd that the USDA is ready to assist in disaster recovery across the nation.  Failing levees and production losses are threats that have the potential to last all summer, and more than 660,000 individuals in eight states and 184 counties have so far been provided with over $110 million in disaster related food assistance from the USDA. 

"America's farmers and rural communities are vitally important to our nation's economy and our values, and my heart goes out to all who are facing hardships because of severe weather and natural disasters," said Vilsack. "I know this is a hard, frustrating time for folks, and I want all residents, farmers, ranchers and businesses to know that USDA will be working to make sure folks have food, shelter and necessary resources to recover from these challenges. We will continue to work with state and local officials, as well as our federal partners, to get you back on your feet."  Click here for more information. (Written by AllisonUstynoski)