South Korea Lifts US Poultry Imports Ban

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced South Korea has agreed to lift a ban imposed in March that closed its market to American poultry and fresh eggs as a response to a spate of bird flu cases in the U.S.

South Korea’s current policy is to impose a ban on all U.S. poultry in response to any detection of bird flu in the United States instead of limiting restrictions to imports from affected areas.  USDA officials are working with their counterparts in South Korea to take a regional approach to future import bans, which would be consistent with international guidelines, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said

U.S. poultry exports to South Korea before the ban totaled $12 million, a $10 million increase over the same period of time last year, according to the USDA. The last full year that U.S. poultry exports didn’t face any HPAI related restrictions was 2014 where $122 million in U.S. poultry products were purchased, making South Korea the 10th largest export market for U.S. poultry.