USDA National Organic Program Publishes Final Documents for The Program Handbook

News Article -

On March 4th the National Organic Program (NOP) announced the availability of four final guidance and instruction documents to help inform the public on the agency's current thinking on seeds, annual seedlings, and planting stock in organic crop production. The documents, which are part of The Program Handbook, will provide those who manage, own, or certify organic operations with guidance and instructions to assist them in complying with regulations of the NOP.

The new finalized Handbook sections are entitled: The Use of Kelp in Organic Livestock Feed (NOP 5027); Responding to Results from Pesticide Residue Testing (NOP 2613); Seeds, Annual Seedlings, and Planting Stock in Organic Crop Production (NOP 5029); and Evaluating Allowed Ingredients and Sources of Vitamins and Minerals for Organic Livestock Feed (NOP 5030).

Written by: Karoline Jordan