Wisconsin: Grow Wisconsin Dairy 30x20: Myth vs. Reality

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More than a month after Governor Scott Walker launched the Grow Wisconsin Dairy 30x20 initiative there still seems to be some confusion and misinformation going around on what this initiative is all about.  Yes, we would like to “achieve an annual milk production of 30 billion pounds by 2020” as the Governor said in his news release dated March 13, 2012 but he also said this. “The goal of the Grow Wisconsin Dairy 30x20 program is to improve the long-term viability of Wisconsin’s dairy industry through services … to meet the growing demand of the marketplace”.  That has been the goal since day one.

The Grow Wisconsin Dairy 30x20 Initiative is not simply adding “another 1,000 cows” to a farm as some have implied. It is a program offering public and private services to farmers, whether they are long time operators or just getting started, that will help them decide on solutions to be more efficient, add value to their operations and improve their profitability.  That may mean some farmers will expand, but others may turn to grazing, begin organic certification, improve herd health and per cow production or transition the farm from one generation to the next.  From the very beginning we have made it clear that Grow Wisconsin Dairy 30x20 is ready to assist every dairy farmer no matter the size of the farm or the method of farming. Our overall objective is to help every individual who wants to dairy be profitable. Every profitable farm means milk for the future to meet the 30 billion pound goal. For more information, click here.