3 Biotechnology

(Updated February 2016)

Agricultural Biotechnology plays an important role in meeting the growing global demand for food, feed, and fiber. The development and approval of products with biotech traits has given farmers and ranchers important tools to utilize when making decisions which impact the sustainability of their land and operation for generations to come. New biotech traits in the foods we eat are providing benefit directly to consumers. 

  • NASDA supports the current federal framework (EPA, FDA, USDA), which regulates agricultural products produced through biotechnology, and delivers timely registrations.
  • NASDA supports that technology providers should seek all appropriate approvals to assure the regulatory acceptance of new biotech traits in the global marketplace. In addition, NASDA supports the establishment of an international asynchronous approval regulatory framework.
  • NASDA does not support state or local initiatives and/or ordinances that would prohibit or restrict plant and/or animal biotechnology.
  • As it relates to the health, safety, and nutrition of foods, NASDA supports the role and responsibility of FDA to determine appropriate food labeling.
  • Any marketing label for the purpose of labeling foods containing, or not containing, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) should be developed using a voluntary, federal system so as to avoid a patchwork of state-by-state standards.
  • NASDA supports that low-level presence of a biotech trait should be tolerated in a seed, commodity or products produced from a commodity, so long as it does not pose a plant pest risk or a health or environmental safety concern.
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