Charlie Ingram

NASS Program Director – NASDA

Contact Information
Office Phone Number (202) 296-9680


Charlie Ingram joined NASDA in August 1998. He has been in his current position as NASS Program Director since March 2009 and oversees the NASDA-NASS cooperative program and previously served as NASDA’s Director of Legislative & Regulatory Affairs handling environmental, natural resources, food safety and nutrition policy issues. Before joining NASDA in 1998, Charlie worked for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as Senior Associate Manager for Environmental Policy and spent more than 8 years working on Capitol Hill as legislative director for Rep. Bill Nichols (D-AL) and Rep. Bill Dickinson (R-AL). Charlie attended Auburn University and Georgetown University. He is from southeast Alabama where his family operates a cattle, hay, and timber business, and he enjoys traveling and spending time at the beach in his free time.