The undersigned organizations are writing to the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) to express support for the “5G Upgrade Order”. This Order will help promote the deployment of next generation, 5G networks in rural communities across the country. Our memberships represent multiple sectors of the agriculture industry, all who play a vital part in their community and rely on broadband access in their daily operations.

As representatives of rural communities across the US, there is no one who better understands that broadband connectivity is critical to our communities. Whether it be its use in facilitating online video sales for livestock, staying up to date with local news and weather, or having access to new and emerging technologies, now more than ever broadband access is needed by our members.

However, in many cases, our members just don’t have enough coverage. Too often rural America is left a few steps back in terms of broadband access, the 5G Upgrade Order looks to provide a level playing field for all. The Order aims to address this problem by promoting the use of existing wireless infrastructure. By promoting collocation, this action by the FCC will upgrade connectivity in communities across the country. It will upgrade network performance, which in turn, it will upgrade opportunities for our communities.

It is for the reasons outlined above that we support the 5G Upgrade Order. On behalf of our collective memberships, we urge you to approve the 5G Upgrade Order to ensure that all Americans can benefit from 5G technologies.

Date Sent:

June 3, 2020


Rural and Ag Coalition


Ms. Marlene H. Dortch, Secretary, Federal Communications Commission


Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and Wireline Competition Bureau Seek Comment on WIA Petition for Rulemaking, WIA Petition for Declaratory Ruling, and CTIA Petition for Declaratory Ruling, WT Docket No. 19-250, RM-11849.