On-Farm Readiness Review

About On-Farm Readiness Review

As part of NASDA’s guiding principle towards farm’s FSMA compliance, “educate before you regulate,” a team comprised of NASDA, State, FDA, and Cooperative Extension food safety leaders developed the On Farm Readiness Review (OFRR). Designed to move farmers away from the audit checklist scheme, the OFRR is meant to foster a dialogue between the farmer and the regulator and/or educator about the requirements of the Produce Safety Rule.

Benefits of OFRR:

1. Voluntary: Farmers request on OFRR from their state department of agriculture and/or extension agent.

2. Conversation: Over the course of a couple hours, scheduled at the convenience of the farmer, the reviewer observes growing conditions, harvesting practices, packinghouse operations, water sources, and discusses common food safety touch-points.

3. Useful Assessment: At the end of the review, the assessor provides their top three suggestions for the farm to improve its food safety practices. Afterwards, the farmer is connected with educational materials and resources to assist with solutions to achieve compliance with FSMA.

4. Peace of Mind for the Grower: This program has been designed to also educate the farmer on the inspection process and provide a level of comfort with the new requirements imposed by FSMA.

5. Public Health Assurance: Beginning in the Spring of 2018, regulators and educators will be on farms advancing food safety within our food system using the On Farm Readiness Review model.

6. Confidential: Careful consideration has been given to protecting farm information from prying eyes unless an immediate threat to public health is detected.

Sign-Up for an On-Farm Readiness Review in Your State

State How to Sign Up for an On-Farm Readiness Review
Alabama Complete form here and send to producesafety@agi.alabama.gov
Alaska Contact Barb Hanson at barbara.hanson@alaska.gov or 907-375-8278
Arizona Fill out questionnaire previously sent to growers assessing interest in an OFRR
Arkansas Fill out questionnaire here. Cooperative Extension will follow up to schedule.
California Contact the produce department at producesafety@cdfa.ca.gov or at 916-900-5322
Colorado Contact Cristy Dice at 303-869-9282 or cristy.dice@state.co.us
Connecticut Contact Resha Jacquier at 860-713-2508 or Resha.Jacquier@ct.gov
Delaware Contact DE.ProduceSafety@state.de.us
Florida Complete form here or call 863-578-1900
Georgia Complete form here and send to rachel.futch@agr.georgia.gov
Idaho Contact Briggita Gruenberg at Brigitta.Gruenberg@isda.idaho.gov or Pamela Juker at Pamela.Juker@isda.idaho.gov
Indiana Contact ISDH at (317) 476-0056 or email producesafety@isdh.in.gov
Iowa Fill out form here
Kansas Contact Cal registering as a produce farm with the Kansas Department of Agriculture
Kentucky Contact Office of Agricultural Marketing and Product Promotion at (502) 573-0282
Louisiana Contact Allison Dumas at 225-935-2161 or adumas@ldaf.state.la.us
Maine Call (207) 764-2100 and ask to be put on the OFRR list to sign up for an On-Farm Readiness Review
Maryland Email Produce.Safety@maryland.gov, call MDA at 410-841-5769 or complete the OFRR request form online at http://mda.maryland.gov/fsma
Michigan Contact your local conservation district office. You can find your local conservation district here.
Minnesota Contact ProduceSafety.MDA@state.mn.us or call (651) 539-3648.
Missouri Register as a produce grower and then call the Produce Safety Program at (573) 751-8558.
Montana Contact the MDA Food Safety Coordinator at (406) 444-0131after completing the inventory form here.
Nebraska Email or call the Nebraska Department of Agriculture at agr.produce.safety@nebraska.gov or (402) 471-3422
Nevada Contact Ashley Jeppson at (775) 353-3675
New Jersey Sign up by calling 856-839-3377 or email Charlotte.Muetter@ag.nj.gov
New York Contact the NYS OFRR Team by phone (518) 457-3846 or email steve.schirmer@agriculture.ny.gov.
North Carolina Contact the NCDA&CS Produce Safety Office at 919-614 3082 or email Chris Harris, produce program manager, at chris.harris@ncagr.gov
Ohio Call Matt Fout at (614) 600-4272 or email mfout@agri.ohio.gov
Oklahoma Call Justin McConaghy , ODAFF Produce Safety Program Coordinator at 405-522-3928 (work) or 405-215-7397 (cell)
Oregon Complete form here and send a copy of the form to (503) 807-5864
Pennsylvania Call Lynn Zakos at 717-787-4315 or lzakos@pa.gov
Rhode Island Fill out this form
South Carolina Fill out this form
Texas Contact Richard De Los Santos at producesafety@texasagriculture.gov or (512) 463-7472
Utah Contact Dave Basinger at dbasinger@utah.gov or (435) 636-3234 or USU Extension agent David Call at (435) 797-0184 or at david.call@usu.edu
Vermont Enroll farm in Vermont Produce Portal here and check box next to "On-Farm Readiness Review"
Virginia Contact the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services office at 804-786-4003
Washington Contact WSDA Produce Safety Program at producesafety@agr.wa.gov
Wisconsin Complete the Grower Questionnaire and indicate interest in an OFRR

OFRR Manuals

OFRR Manuals are available for order by state agencies with a produce cooperative agreement program only. Please order using the link below. If you wish to order manuals and you are not the CAP holder in your state, please contact the state agency with the produce cooperative agreement. Currently there is not an electronic version of the OFRR manual, but one is expected late 2019.

For further questions please contact NASDA at ofrr@nasda.org.