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Atlanta – Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Gary W. Black is applauding The Secretary of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency for releasing a memo giving guidance regarding the critical infrastructure industry during the COVID-19 response. Food and Agriculture are among those industries listed as essential to continuing critical infrastructure viability.

“Food and agriculture are a vital part of ensuring our economy continues to operate at the highest level,” Commissioner Black said. “We commend the many workers within this industry for keeping us all fed and healthy during this unprecedented time. Our agency will continue to do our part to keep food safe, animals protected and businesses open.”

During the COVID-19 response, The US Department of Homeland Security defines critical infrastructure industries to include healthcare services and pharmaceutical and food supply. Workers in these industries should to continue to report to work because they are vital to the food and health supply chain – while following CDC guidance to stay away if they are sick.

“Georgia is blessed to have an incredibly diverse agricultural sector that includes everything from food producers and processors to landscape and green industries,” Black said. “We encourage local governments and decision makers to consider the central role all these industries and businesses play in our state and local economies as they make key decisions during this response.”

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency memo can be found at