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The Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) is committed to ensuring that vital services for Idaho agriculture and food production are uninterrupted during the state’s COVID-19 emergency.

Even with daily developments, one thing remains clear: Idaho’s food system is critical infrastructure. In collaboration with Governor Brad Little, the ISDA will continue to serve the state’s agriculture and food sectors.

“The ISDA always strives to ensure confidence in food products and the marketplace,” said Celia Gould, ISDA Director. “In response to COVID-19 transmission prevention, we have implemented measures that help account for the health of staff while still serving customers.”

Health and safety are always priorities in Idaho’s food system. Most people working in agriculture do not have the ability to telecommute, and the State of Idaho recognizes that food production and processing are essential to all Idahoans. The ISDA urges agribusinesses to implement effective health measures, including guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Under normal circumstances, the ISDA would be celebrating National Ag Day on March 24,” said Gould. “Perhaps the most poignant way to celebrate this year is with heartfelt recognition and thanks. Because farmers, ranchers, farm laborers, inspectors, processors, truckers, grocery store workers and more are on the job, Idahoans can be confident that our food system will remain viable. These producers and workers have our appreciation now and every day.”

Additional information about the ISDA’s response to COVID-19 is available on the agency’s website, The State of Idaho’s COVID-19 website,, has regular updates and additional guidance.

Agribusinesses and the public can reach the ISDA by emailing or by calling (208) 332-8500.