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Written by Sage Saffron

The only constant is change. A phrase that has been repeated many times since my internship began continues to hold true as we head into 2021. That change has not stifled us, rather, it proved the perseverance and flexibility of NASDA members and NASDA staff.

Over the course of the six months I worked at NASDA I have witnessed NASDA join together withagricultural, environmental and forestry groups to face climate change head on. I have seen the NASDA membership unanimously pass a diversity and inclusion policy, ensuring that as leaders in agriculture, we will work harder to determine success for each and every person that has a passion for the industry.

Coming to understand the important service NASDA provides as a united, trusted voice for agriculture has made an immense impression on me. Working with NASDA, I have learned how to push for positive, science-based change and find consensus among groups with various viewpoints to build a unified voice for agriculture solutions.

To say my time at NASDA has been transformative would be an understatement. The opportunity to be a part of the NASDA team has invigorated my passion for agriculture policy. The opportunity to be a part of this organization has inspired me to continue to advocate for those very solutions that continue to have an impact.

NASDA has taught me values that I will carry through my entire professional career. I greatly appreciate all NASDA staff’s work to assure my success on the team. I am confident I will move forward towards a successful career in agriculture, given the strong foundation and understanding of issues that face the industry I earned at NASDA.

Sage Saffron served as NASDA’s Fall 2020 Public Policy Intern intern and extended her internship through Spring 2021. Sage has now taken a position with the National Milk Producers Federation advancing sustainability practices in the dairy industry.