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Arlington, Virginia

In regard to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) cancellation order allowing the limited time to use existing stocks of three vacated dicamba products the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) CEO Dr. Barb Glenn issued the following statement:

“Protecting crops from pests is an inescapable part of farming. EPA’s cancellation order offers farmers and state regulators guidance for farm-level decision making and stability to survive the growing season.

Further litigation threatens this stability. Without EPA’s permission to use the remaining stock of these products, farmers would be left in the middle of the growing season with a dire choice between leaving crops entirely vulnerable or substituting the vacated products with different pesticides that may not be as effective. In addition, EPA mandates all pesticides must be applied according to the label.

NASDA members serve at the intersection of supporting farmers and protecting consumers and the environment. Our farming community is suffering from plenty of pre-existing conditions. Farmers need access to this tool to ensure an ample U.S.-produced food supply during the coronavirus pandemic.

NASDA understands the decision of the Ninth Circuit Court and will continue to work with EPA to carve a path forward for farmers in the 2021 growing season.”


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