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NASDA Community,

National Agriculture Week. This week is typically full to the brim with proclamations, receptions, and educational events celebrating the service of agriculture to our communities. With over 15,000 cases and 200 deaths related to COVID-19 in the United States, grieving families, lockdowns in place, and anxieties for the future, it is hard for us to share a celebratory message this week. Instead we will focus on gratitude.

Our strength comes from those who continue to produce, transport and ensure the safety of our food from farm to table. Farmers are #stillfarming, truckers are still driving despite reduced access to food and lodging, parents are still working at food processing facilities while scrambling to find childcare, restaurants are preparing and donating food to healthcare workers, distillers are shifting operations from spirits to hand sanitizers. The list goes on.

It’s clear, this #NationalAgWeek is a time for us to express our gratitude to our servant-hearted food and farming community. We encourage you to share a #virtualhigh5 to bring a bright spot to someone’s day. Don’t know how food and agriculture impacts the economy in your state? Check out this NASDA-sponsored study released today.

As part of the “critical infrastructure” designated by the federal government, we’re preparing ahead to intercept any obstacles our food supply may face. NASDA is operating as a convener on behalf of our members and a distribution point for key resources supporting business continuity. Our list of 50-state response leads continues to mature. Please visit for the latest information on state and federal response to coronavirus. We can all do our part of fighting back against this virus by staying at home and using our united voices to share the facts about coronavirus and reduce the stigma.

As we move forward, NASDA envisions American agriculture reaching new goals while enhancing resilience for rural America. We will survive this season of uncertain times together.

Onward and upward,

Dr. Barb Glenn