Awards Program

In 2006, NASS, working in conjunction with NASDA Headquarters’ staff, initiated a new Agency-level award to annually recognize outstanding NASDA enumerators from across the U.S. Each year, NASS has honored these enumerators and supervisors with the NASDA Enumerator of the Year Award. Recognition is given for outstanding efforts which resulted in Agency-wide impact in any of the areas of survey quality, response rates, efficiency, enumerator training and development, enhancing respondent relations, and forging relationships within the agricultural community. Each NASDA award recipient is recognized at the Agency’s Awards for Excellence ceremony and also receives a $1,000 monetary award for their outstanding efforts.

The grassroots data collection and public relations work performed by NASDA enumerators is key to NASS’s ability to perform its mission of serving the Nation’s agriculture through the dissemination of timely, accurate, and useful information. We congratulate all of the Awardees!