2014 Heartland Region CAPI Training for Missouri

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The NASS Heartland Regional Field Office held a successful CAPI (Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing) Training Workshop on August 18-19, 2014 at the NASS National Operations Center (NOC) in St. Louis, Missouri.

The purpose of the workshop was to help NASDA supervisors and enumerators become more proficient with the iPad and CAPI instrument. With CAPI, NASDA enumerators use Apple’s new iPad as the data entry device to display NASS survey questionnaires and enter survey data during their visits with agricultural producers. This is an exciting step forward from the old pencil to paper method and is one of the ongoing enhancements in how NASS and NASDA enumerators collect survey data as technology and computer systems continue to advance. Implementation of the CAPI system began in 2011 with 16 states. Now, NASDA enumerators and NASS Field Offices in all states have been trained and are using the technology to collect agricultural data. More than 3,000 NASS surveys are now available in the CAPI system.

Some of the efficiencies gained through CAPI are: improved data quality, timeliness of data, reduced printing and postal costs, and decreased data entry needs in Field Offices. Since NASS data is strictly confidential as required by law, the CAPI/iPad technology has several high layers of security. For example, no data is stored on the iPad—all data is directly transmitted to the NASS field office—and the operating system is passcode protected and double encrypted.

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