2014 Heartland Regional Supervisors Workshop

News Article -

The NASS Heartland Regional Field Office held a successful Supervisory Workshop on February 10-12, 2014 at the NASS National Operations Center (NOC) in St. Louis, Missouri.

This was a unique workshop with a new approach and opportunities for the NASS and NASDA teams to coordinate their management procedures, enhance communications, and strengthen operational support for the NASS Heartland regional structure.

The meeting included interactive “brain-storming” sessions followed by an “Action Plan Development” exercise conducted by NASS-NOC Training Specialist Debra Griffin. Topics focused on: managing organizational changes, identifying challenges and concerns, and generating solutions. Some of the specific issues discussed included: hiring, training and retaining employees, workloads and procedures, safety, best practices, and IT support.

There were 13 NASDA Field Supervisors from Illinois and Missouri who participated in the workshop. NASDA’s NASS Program Director Charlie Ingram also attended the session. The NASS Team included: Director of Western Field Operations Kevin Barnes, Heartland Regional Director Doug Hartwig, Deputy Regional Directors Gerald Tillman and Todd Ballard, Survey Group Leaders Joel Goltz and Steve Maliszewski, Illinois State Statistician Mark Schleusener, Missouri State Statistician Bob Garino, Illinois Survey Coordinator Harvey Roemer, and Missouri Survey Coordinator Clarence Mends.