2014 NASS National Survey Coordinators Mid-Year Workshop

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NASS held a successful Mid-Year Workshop at the National Operations Center (NOC) in St. Louis, Missouri on April 22-25, 2014 to prepare for the June Area Survey.

The workshop was designed for the 12 NASS Regional Field Office (RFO) staff and state Survey Coordinators. It included technical training and hands-on exercises for the June Area and List survey procedures. Additionally, the workshop provided a discussion on the roles and responsibilities of the survey coordinators in NASS’s regionalized structure, and training related to NASDA administration and the NASS-NASDA relationship.

Workshop presenters and senior staff from the NOC and NASS Headquarters included representatives from the Census and Survey Division, Field Operations and the cSMS Team. The NASDA Team participating included NASS Program Director Charlie Ingram, Finance Director Martha Van Dale and Communications Director Amanda Bryant.

We were pleased to have two special quests participate in the workshop from the Japan Ministry of Agriculture. Statisticians Junichi Koyano and Masahiro Hosaka are spending two months at NASS HQ and the NOC to learn more about the NASS-NASDA partnership and how enumerators in this country collect data. Their visit is coordinated by NASS’s International Program Office.

The June Area survey is one of the largest annual NASS survey projects. It is designed to account for every acre of land, all agricultural activities, and land uses within segment boundaries. The survey data is used to make reliable estimates of crop acreages, grain stocks, livestock inventories (including cattle, hogs, poultry and sheep), land values, cash rents and other farm numbers. This data is used by federal and state policymakers, agribusiness, suppliers, farm organizations and others when developing programs that affect farmers and rural communities.

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