2014 Northern Plains Objective Yield Training for Kansas

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The NASS Northern Plains Regional Office held a successful workshop in Manhattan, Kansas on July 17-18, 2014 to prepare for .the Corn and Soybean Objective Yield (OY) Survey. The Objective Yield (OY) surveys provide data for monthly forecasts and end-of-season estimates of planted and harvested acres, yield, and production.

There were more than 40 NASDA supervisors and enumerators from Kansas who attended the workshop. The workshop included classroom instruction and practice in the field. NASDA’s NASS Program Director Charlie Ingram also participated in the training session. The NASS Team included: Northern Plains Regional Deputy Nick Streff, Kansas State Statistician Jason Lamprecht, Survey Coordinator Dan Kolterman, and Ag Stats Joseph Cook and David Biar.

NASDA enumerators collect OY data on behalf of NASS by making personal visits to the field. These visits are made monthly with the final visit occurring when the crop is mature or the farmer plans to harvest. When the crop is mature, enumerators will harvest part of the sample units and ship a small sample of the crop to the NASS lab where it will be weighed and tested.

Farmers and businesses use the production estimates for marketing decisions, to evaluate expected prices, and to determine when to sell. Production forecasts are greatly relied upon by the transportation sector, warehouse and storage companies, banks and other lending institutions, commodity traders, and processors.

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