Aloha State to Host Upcoming NASDA Annual Meeting

News Article -

The 2015 NASDA Annual Meeting begins this Sunday, September 13, in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The meeting, hosted by NASDA President and Hawaii Chairman of Agriculture Scott Enright, will focus on a theme of “Agriculture’s Traditions, Agriculture’s Future.” During the opening plenary session, NASDA President Scott Enright will launch NASDA’s new five-year strategic plan, the cornerstone accomplishment of his presidency. Dr. Dennis Gonsalves, who was responsible for the development of a genetically engineered papaya which saved the state’s valuable papaya industry, will also make remarks during the opening plenary session. Additional speakers for the meeting include Under Secretary Michael Scuse, former Hawaii Attorney General Margery Bronster, and more.

During the meeting, NASDA members will vote on over 20 policy amendments (changes to permanent policy) and action items (specific action requests supported by existing policy). These items demonstrate the diverse portfolio of state department of agriculture responsibilities from child nutrition to antimicrobial resistance to environmental protection.

Complementing the theme of agriculture’s traditions and future, the tours will focus on Hawaii's unique coffee industry with a tour of Greenwell Coffee Farms and also their innovative green energy development at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii. The state’s unique agricultural products will also be on display with exotic fruit tastings and products from Hawaii Seal of Quality agricultural producers.

To see the full agenda for the meeting, click here. Aloha!