Kentucky Data Collection Center Enumerators Recognized

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The NASDA enumerators from the Kentucky Data Collection Center were recognized for their dedication and extra effort on conducting the University of Minnesota Regional Rural Injury Study, “Consequences of Agricultural Injuries”. This study was a very large undertaking, initially involving three calling centers (Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Montana) and contacting over 30,000 operations for baseline interviews in 2007. During the following year, two calling centers (Kentucky and Oklahoma) conducted two more interviews with each participating household, to collect information on household members and injuries sustained. During the next two years of the study, Kentucky was chosen as the sole center to continue with follow-up interviews. Through the hard work and commitment and the great rapport developed with study participants, the Kentucky Data Collection Center enumerators achieved over 90% retention through subsequent interviews that were completed with the final evaluation interview in February 2010.


The enumerators are holding wooden plaques in the shape of the 5 states involved in the study: Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. These plaques were crafted by Minnesota Deputy Director Dan Lofthus, and the enumerators were very impressed to receive them for their efforts during this study.