Kentucky Supervisor Retreat (Carrollton, Kentucky), October 6-7, 2010

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The NASS Kentucky Field Office held a very productive and successful Supervisory Retreat on October 6-7, 2010 at the historic General Butler State Resort Park near Carrollton, Kentucky.  There were 5 NASDA Field Supervisors, 2 Office Supervisors and 3 Office Coaches who participated in the retreat. The Kentucky Field Office is one of 6 NASS Data Call Centers (DCCs).  The NASS team who participated included: Director Lee Brown; Deputy Director Shawn Clark; Ag Statistician and NASDA Coordinator Kimberly McDaniel; DCC Coordinator Eric Stout; and Administrative Technician Novia Englehardt. NASDA’s NASS Program Director Charlie Ingram participated in the two-day session.

The theme of the retreat was “Working Together” which was a great avenue for the NASS and NASDA participants to enhance their management and communications skills in a team approach. The NASS team did a great job of coordinating and organizing the interactive event.

NASDA Supervisors and Enumerators are always busy collecting data on behalf of NASS for many and varied agricultural surveys. Kentucky’s agriculture is a large part of the state’s economy—over half of Kentucky’s land is used for agricultural purposes. Like many states, Kentucky’s agriculture production is diverse. It is the horse capital of the world, accounting for 82 percent of the U.S. horse and mule production. Tobacco is one of Kentucky’s top exported crop and other top commodities include broilers, cattle/calves, corn and soybeans.

One of the highlights of the retreat on October 6 was a presentation from Tim Hendrick and Kim Strohmeier, Carroll County Extension Office agents for Agriculture and Natural Resources. They led interactive discussions on management techniques, problem-solving, and effective leadership. Some of the other topics discussed at the retreat included: communications tools, enumerator training, survey response rates, and quality control. On October 7, the NASDA Supervisors and Coaches spent time with NASDA’s NASS Program Director Charlie Ingram to discuss enumerator program activities and personnel management. NASS FO Director Lee Brown outlined and explained the six NASS Operational Efficiency (OE) Initiatives recently announced by the Agency.

Entrance to General Butler State Resort Park where the Kentucky Supervisor Retreat was held.

One of the lakes in General Butler State Resort Park

Tim Hendrick, Carroll County Extension Agent discusses management principles

Participants at the Kentucky Supervisor Retreat

Participants at the Kentucky Supervisor Retreat

Kimberly McDaniel, NASDA Coordinator for the KY FO, led discussion on several topics

NASS KY FO Director Lee Brown outlined the NASS Operational Efficiency Initiatives

Participants had interactive discussions on a variety of management issues

The NASS Team (l-R): Kimberly McDaniel, Lee Brown, Shawn Clark, and Eric Stout

NASDA Field Supervisors with Charlie Ingram (l-r) Sara Murray, Eugene Devine, Charles Babb, Boyce Gregory, Anna Stinnett, and Charlie. Charles Babb and Eugene Devine both have almost 40 years of experience as NASDA employees.

NASDA Office Supervisors and Coaches (l-r): Barbara Spitznagel (Office Coach), Humphrey Marshall (Office Supervisor), Susan Campbell (Office Supervisor), Lou Ann Smith (Office Coach), and Marilyn Jones (Office Coach). Susan Campbell also serves as chairman of the Supervisory Enumerator Advisory Council (SEAC).

The NASDA Kentucky Team of Office and Field Supervisors and Coaches