NASDA Supervisor Honored for 50 Years of Service

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NASDA and the NASS Mountain Regional Office this week honored NASDA Supervisor Bonnie Egan of Colorado for 50 years of dedicated service. Bonnie supervises an enumerator team who work in northeastern Colorado, including Weld County which has historically been one of the largest agricultural counties in the U.S. The diverse agricultural economy in this area includes livestock, cattle, sheep, dairies, irrigated cropland and vegetables.

NASDA employs part-time field enumerators who collect agricultural data from farmers and ranchers on behalf of NASS. This “grassroots” data collection and public relations work by NASDA enumerators is key to NASS’ ability to perform its mission of serving the Nation’s agriculture by providing timely, accurate and useful information. This important data is used by producers, state and federal policymakers, agribusiness, suppliers, farm organizations and others when developing programs that affect our farmers and rural communities.

Bonnie and her husband live in Greeley, Colorado. She said that she never thought about reaching her 50 year milestone because she enjoys enumerator work, especially meeting and talking with producers. All of us at NASDA and NASS appreciate and congratulate Bonnie Egan for accomplishment and dedicated service to American agriculture!

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Photo (L to R): NASDA Coordinator Paul Post, NASDA Supervisor Bonnie Egan, Deputy Regional Director Leslee Lohrenz, Regional Director Bill Meyer, and Charlie Ingram