Nationwide agricultural officials come together to set new policy goals for 2019

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Arlington, Virginia, United States

Commissioners, secretaries and directors of agriculture nationwide have identified the National Association of State Department of Agriculture’s top 2019 policy goals. Members will use a united voice through NASDA to make change in 2019.

NASDA’s new areas of focus include animal biotechnology and workforce development. NASDA recognizes that labor supply is a concern throughout the agricultural supply chain. “NASDA is committed to advancing workforce needs through coalition building, interagency collaboration and programs that aid skills development,” Barb Glenn, NASDA CEO, said.

Also, in 2019, NASDA will prioritize advocacy for regulatory framework that ensures animal biotechnology products are approved in a timely manner, and support education to consumers to increase understating and acceptance of the technology. “American farmers’ adoption of animal biotechnology would be an innovative way to address the losses they’re facing, while also maintaining competitiveness in the global market,” Glenn said.

Carrying over priorities from 2018, NASDA will still support new free trade agreements and urge Congress to ratify USMCA, as well as continue to work with the Food and Drug Administration and states to effectively implement the Food Safety and Modernization Act.

As noted in previous NASDA statements, the organization is expected to encounter a change in membership of up to 42 percent, which Glenn sees as an asset. “Our members’ diverse perspectives and governmental positions are a strength, as these elements allow NASDA to develop achievable, non-partisan solutions to policy issues.”

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