New York Supervisor Retreat and Survey Workshop (Albany, New York) October 5-7, 2010

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The NASS New York Field Office held a Supervisory Retreat on October 5-7, 2010 in Albany, New York. There were 7 NASDA Field Supervisors and 5 NASS FO staff who participated in the session. In addition to the classroom sessions, the group visited a local egg farmer and enjoyed a fall foliage tour through the Adirondack Mountains by boat.

The Supervisory Retreat was followed by a training workshop for the Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS II) and Vegetable Chemical Use Survey (VCUS), which was attended by more than 30 NASDA enumerators. During the workshop, there was an exercise on converting reluctant survey respondents.

In the role playing exercise, Field Enumerator Michael Cellelo interviews a reluctant respondent (Anneliza Barney) who is always short on time.
Field Enumerators get a tour of the Poultry Farm's buildings, which houses approximately 300,000 birds.
The tour continued inside the packing facility.
Participants in the tour from left to right: Ron Enslow, Lorraine Holtz, Doris Moennich, Bill Mitchell, Bonnie McCormick,John Case, Sandy Alikonis (Survey support),Jim Bilow, King Whetstone(FO Director), Robin Gannon (NASDA Coordinator), Karlyn Tuczynski & Bettyanne Fish (Admin Techs) 
Lake George, New York tour boat
John Case (Field Enumerator) hanging on for dear life on the boat
View of the Sagamore Resort Hotel from the boat (not where we stayed!)
Veg Chem training in progress
Our reluctant respondentsin the role-playing excersie: (left to right) Joe Muskaluk (anti-survey), Anneliza Barney (short on time), Vicki Mangan (small farmer with another job—we woke her up!), Greg Lemmons (Amish farmer).