Pennsylvania Supervisory Retreat, October 19-20, 2010

News Article -

The NASS Pennsylvania Field Office held a fantastic and unique Supervisory Workshop on October 19-20, 2010 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. There were 8 NASDA Field and Office Supervisors who participated in the workshop. They oversee more than 70 enumerators statewide. The NASS team participating were FO Director Kevin Pautler, Jackie Weaver, Sherry Deane, and Pam Kanagy. In addition, the NASS New York Field Office staff attended the session—FO Director King Whetstone, Bettyanne Fish, and Karlyn Tuczynski.  NASDA’s NASS Program Director Charlie Ingram also participated.

The first day was an interesting and fun team-building exercise held at Maize Quest in New Park, PA. The whole group participated in a geo-caching activity that took the teams carrying GPS units over the entire Maple Lawn Farm. Each team was in search of buckets that contained their next destinations’ coordinates. Overall, everyone had a great time—although some had wet socks and cold feet from the rainy weather! And we learned more about the importance of teamwork! Jackie, Sherry and Pam did a great job of organizing this creative event—thanks!

On the evening of October 19, there was a group dinner to honor NASDA Supervisor Carol Borry on her retirement after 38 years as a NASDA employee.

The second day of the workshop, held in Harrisburg, was a classroom discussion meant for sharing ideas and insights about the job.