Virginia Supervisor Workshop (Virginia Beach, VA) September 22-24, 2010

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The NASS Virginia Field Office held an excellent and successful Supervisory Workshop on September 22-24, 2010 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

NASDA Field Supervisors who participating in the workshop were: Minnie Smith and Linda Lee Wilkes. NASDA Office Supervisors attending were Cora Smith and Laurie Parker. The NASS team who participated were: Director Herman Ellison, NASDA Coordinator Amy Bailey, Agricultural Statistician Jackie Ross, and Senior Administrative Technician Bobbi Forst. NASDA’s NASS Program Director Charlie Ingram also participated in the workshop.

The workshop was a great opportunity for the NASDA Supervisors, NASS Field Office staff and NASDA’s Charlie Ingram to strengthen their team approach to management and enhance communications as partners in the NASS-NASDA Cooperative Program. The NASS team did an excellent job of coordinating and organizing the sessions. Some of the topics discussed during the workshop included: NASS Efficiency Initiatives, data collection strategies, training for enumerators, employee safety, and internet website tools.

On September 22, the group toured a greenhouse/nursery operation which was arranged by NASDA Field Enumerator JoAnne Stillman. The next day, workshop participants visited nearby Chatham Vineyards on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Virginia's mild climate, rich soil and abundant waterways make the State one of the most diverse agricultural production venues in the nation, and produces livestock, field crops, fruits, vegetables, poultry, dairy, greenhouse and nursery, aquaculture and vineyards. This means that NASDA Supervisors and Enumerators are always busy collecting data on behalf of NASS for many and varied agricultural surveys. The Virginia Field Office is also one of six NASS Data Collection Centers (DCCs).

(l-r) Amy Bailey and Bobbi Forst on the greenhouse/nursery tour

(l-r) Linda Lee Wilkes (NASDA Field Supervisor), Jackie Ross (NASS Ag Statistician), and Cora Smith (NASDA Office Supervisor) on the greenhouse/nursery tour

NASDA Field Supervisor Minnie Smith (l) presented an award to Enumerator JoAnne Stillman for her great survey work. JoAnne arranged the greenhouse tour for the group.  

NASS and NASDA workshop participants on the vineyard tour on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. We met Chatham Vineyard owner Jon Wehner (l), who explained the vineyard operations

Wine barrels at the vineyard

NASS Virginia Field Office Director Herman Ellison thanks vineyard owner Jon Wehner for our tour

View of the vineyard on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

The NASS-NASDA Team: (l-r) Bobbi Forst, Cora Smith, Minnie Smith, Amy Bailey, Laurie Parker, Linda Lee Wilkes, and Herman Ellison.