World Class Audience Expected for NASDA's American Food Fair at NRA Show

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NASDA's American Food Fair joins the National Restaurant Association (NRA) to represent, educate and promote the 945,000 restaurants who sell $660.5 billion in the U.S. restaurant and hospitality marketplace. The American Food Fair, produced cooperatively with the USDA's Foregin Agricultural Service, provivdes new export opportunities to mostly small, American food and beverage companies.

Over the past five years, the NRA Show has included over ten thousand exhibits, reaching a new high of 2,310 exhibits in 2016 alone. Vendors include every imaginable product needed to operate a restaurant from furnishings to cooking equipment to flat ware to food, along with scores of educational programs.  It’s not surprising that this event attracts a global audience.  In the same five-year period, the NRA Show attracted 24,000 international visitors from more than 110 countries. 

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