Wyoming Data Collection Center (DCC) Celebrates Supervisor Milestones

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NASDA’s NASS Program Director Charlie Ingram visited the Wyoming Data Collection Center (DCC) on November 5-6, 2018 to recognize and honor two very important NASDA office supervisors. NASS maintains 5 Data Collection Centers (DCCs) which employ about 500 part-time NASDA phone/office enumerators who collect agricultural survey data on behalf of NASS from farmers and ranchers across the country.

On October 12, Supervisor Marcella Simmons chose to retire from NASDA after more than 6 years of service. Marcella had a very successful professional career path during her adult life. We count our blessings that she chose to share her last few working years with NASS and NASDA. Not long after Marcella began working for NASDA she was promoted to a supervisor and later as the DCC representative to the Supervisory Enumerator Advisory Committee (SEAC). She supported the WY DCC through both the 2012 and 2017 Census of Agriculture and had a very positive impact serving on both the SEAC and the Response Rate Research Team (RRRT). She received the NASDA Supervisor of the Year Award in 2017. We wish her well in retirement and will miss her dearly!

NASDA Supervisor Nelda Atwood received her Length of Service certificate for 25 years with NASDA! She started as an enumerator with a small NASDA crew in 1993 that only made outgoing calls to Wyoming producers. The office moved to a larger location in 1999 and the WY DCC officially opened. We then promoted Nelda to supervisor in support of the new WY DCC. She helped increase the NASDA crew from 20 enumerators in the early 1990’s to 100+ active enumerators today. She currently works with a NASDA leadership team that consists of five supervisors and seven coaches. Nelda has worked five Census of Agriculture survey cycles and promises she will still be here in 2022! We appreciate Nelda Atwood and celebrate her dedication to the WY DCC!