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The North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services is hiring a director of agricultural marketing. The application deadline is March 15, 2022. For more information, click here.

The N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services provide services that promote and improve agriculture, agribusiness and forests; protect consumers and businesses; and conserve farmland and natural resources for the prosperity of all North Carolinians. The Department employs approximately 2,000 employees.

The Marketing Division is organized on a functional basis around six main areas: Horticulture and Commodities; Domestic/Retail Marketing; International Trade; Grading and Regulatory; Farmers Markets and Agricultural Centers; and General Administration. The main objective of the Marketing Division is to develop new markets and expand existing markets for North Carolina farmers and to provide the consumer with the highest quality product possible at the lowest marketing cost. To accomplish this the division is divided into sections based along commodity lines or service functions.

The Marketing Division Director has responsibility for managing and directing the Marketing and Grading Services programs to effectively assist the agriculture industry, and to effectively address statutes that mandate services. The director is responsible for supervising a management team that oversees day to day operations for all programs and directs planning to set and meet goals and objectives for the division’s programs and activities. Such activities can include: preparing and assigning budgets to program administrators, overseeing expenditures, administering and directing program goals and objectives, supervising program administrators, and overseeing personnel staff assigned to administer personnel policy.