Rhode Island Division of Agriculture, Department of Environmental Management

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The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) is committed to preserving the quality of Rhode Island's environment, maintaining the health and safety of its residents, and protecting the natural systems upon which life depends. It offers assistance to individuals, businesses, and municipalities, conduct research, find solutions, and enforce laws created to protect the environment

Agriculture is growing in the nation’s smallest state. Rhode Island saw a sharp increase, the highest in New England, in the number of farms and total land in farms. The total value of farmland and building was $1,141,263,000.00. This averages out to $16,828.00 per acre - the highest in the nation. Land in farms have increased by 11 percent from 2002.

Nationally, RI ranked third in direct marketing sales on a per farm basis. Direct market sales totaled $6.292 million, up from $3.697 million in 2002. 249 farms (20 percent) reported direct market sales.

Rhode Island has launched Get Fresh. Buy Local campaign to encourage more direct marketing and to promote awareness of and interest in buying RI-grown specialty crops.

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