NASDA - Pew Initiative on Food & Biotechnology Dialogue Sessions

In December 2005, NASDA and the Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology held a collaborative meeting in Dallas, Texas to discuss the difficulties the state and federal agencies are having dealing with sharing information that contains trade secrets or is otherwise considered confidential business information. As an outcome of this session, Law Professor Jim O'Reilly wrote a paper on the dialog and additional research entitled Agriculture Biotechnology Information Disclosure: Accommodating Conflicting Interests Within Public Access Norms.

In March 2006, a dialog on various viewpoints regarding methods to achieve "peaceful coexistence" among growers planting, harvesting and marketing various conventional, organic, and genetically engineered crops. The article Peaceful Coexistence Among Growers of: Genetically Engineered, Conventional, and Organic Crops is available here.

A workshop took place in May 2006, which covered issues relating to the federal regulatory system governing agricultural biotechnology- or the Coordinated Framework- and the appropriate role state agriculture agencies in that system. The summary of the dialogue is found in Opportunites And Challenges, States and the Federal Coordinated Framework: Governing Agricultural Biotechnology.

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