3 Biotechnology

(Updated September 2018)

Agricultural Biotechnology plays an important role in developing options for farmers and ranchers to overcome their most difficult challenges as they work to meet the growing demand for food, feed and fiber.

  • NASDA supports a science and risk based regulatory system for biotechnology products that protects health and the environment, while delivering timely registrations.
  • NASDA supports the continuing evaluation of agencies roles and the overall regulatory approval process for viable improvements.
  • NASDA supports international harmonization of biotechnology regulatory framework.
  • NASDA opposes state or local initiatives that would prohibit or restrict biotechnology.
  • NASDA supports existing USDA and FDA labeling policies.
  • NASDA supports low-level presence of biotechnology traits in commodities or industrialized products, as long as it does not pose a plant pest risk or a health and environmental safety concern.
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