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The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services recently added a COVID-19 section to its website with information and guidance on current issues for farmers, consumers, agribusinesses, convenience stores and more.

Called the COVID-19 Emergency Information Center, it is available at The link is displayed prominently on the homepage.

It is a comprehensive collection of state and federal resources. Its four sections include:

* Protecting Farms, Industry or Agribusiness Operations

* Federal and State Resources Pertaining To Food, Fiber, Feed and Other Agriculture/Forestry Issues

* Latest Information about Waivers and Relevant Changes to Agriculture Related Services and Regulations

* Frequently Asked Questions

Resource documents are available for farmer’s markets, livestock and produce auctions, Pick-Your-Own and stand-alone farm stands, with more to come soon on grocery stores and other food retailers.

Those who have questions about the food supply, worker visas, feeding centers during school closings and more will find answers and, in many cases, contact information. Some documents are available in Spanish.

Contact Information

Elaine Lidholm
Director of Communications