NAAFA, the National Association of Agricultural Fair Agencies, is an organization whose members are of agriculture state agencies and fair associations, involved in the administration of fair programs to benefit the fairs, and has dues related to fairs in respective states.

The object and purposes of this organization are:

  • to foster and promote agricultural fairs and shows with an educational emphasis.
  • to provide information to fairs and shows pertaining to various laws, regulations and policies, on state and federal level that pertain to the fair industry, and devote to improve fairs and procedures at fairs.
  • to develop a closer working relationship and line of communication among state agencies and other related organizations in promoting agricultural fairs and shows and seek closer allegiance among the various state and provincial bodies in the U.S. and Canada.

NAAFA became an organization in 1966, under the leadership of several state agriculture fair administrators.

NAAFA publishes a quarterly newsletter, and holds an annual conference in the spring.  Membership is open to government agency fair program coordinators, fair associations, or other agencies providing support to fairs.

NASDA Contact
Contact Lynne Williams, Secretary-Treasurer
Phone Number (615) 837-5081
Address P.O. Box 40627
Nashville, TN 37204