NASDA Foundation Resources

The Strategic Planning Process

The NASDA Foundation was founded in 1981 as a 50(c)(3) to provide education, outreach and research for members and their state departments of agriculture. In 2021, the NASDA Foundation engaged Nuffer, Smith, Tucker (NST) to facilitate the development of its strategic plan. To do this, NST conducted one-on-one interviews with a variety of stakeholders, including NASDA Foundation and NASDA staff, NASDA members and third-party partners, who served as advisors. Together, these stakeholders made up a strategic planning task force. The task force met at a one-day retreat where together they identified the mission for the foundation, strategic priorities and potential actions. NST later worked with the executive director to finalize the plan and SMART objectives before the plan was presented and approved by the NASDA Foundation board. While this document includes the plan as it stood in January 2022, strategic planning is never “done.” In fact, the strategic plan should be evaluated with regularity and frequency. At a minimum, the plan should be reviewed annually for potential adjustments within a consistent overall framework.

Semi-Annual Report – February 2024

The NASDA Foundation released its inaugural semi-annual report in February 2024. The report showcases the Foundation’s expanding programs and partnerships, along with upcoming priorities for the rest of the year.

Food Emergency Response Plan

The NASDA Foundation Food Safety Team created a Food Emergency Response Template as part of an effort to develop a seamless system of food defense between local, state and federal jurisdictions. It addresses the goal of protecting public health and enhancing the protection of the U.S. agricultural industry and food security through the increased prevention, detection, response and recovery planning.

50 State Chart Tool Kit

The NASDA Foundation created a 50-state chart as a resource for NASDA members and stakeholders. NASDA and the NASDA Foundation recognize the need for a resource that highlights each state department of agriculture and what they oversee. A list of programs, licenses, and policy regulations can now be found in the 50 state chart tool kit.

Bee Friendly Farming Tool Kit

Pollinator Partnership and the NASDA Foundation teamed up to create and distribute the Bee Friendly Farming Tool Kit. The intended goal of this tool kit is to serve as a resource for state departments of agriculture when implementing Bee Friendly Farming Certified practices.