NASDA believes that diversity, equity and inclusion are fundamental principles of a sustainable agricultural community and necessary to advance the agricultural industry in the United States. NASDA has a strong commitment to inclusion, outreach and engagement to embrace diversity within the agriculture sector.

Diversity and Inclusion in Our Workplace

NASDA is committed to efforts and partnerships that promote opportunities. Internally our staff is actively seeking new ways to listen and learn and engage with like-minded partners to carry out the commitment passed by our members.

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Together we Grow: Advancing America’s Agriculture

NASDA is proud to be a member of Together We Grow, a group of universities, non-profits and private companies focused on attracting the best and brightest talent to the agriculture industry. We will accomplish this through sharing resources, combining our efforts and ultimately expanding opportunities to more communities. In doing so, we hope to awaken more Americans to the incredible value they can bring to our evolving industry.

NASDA Diversity, Inclusion and Racial Equity Policy Actions

NASDA adopted new diversity and inclusion policy during the 2020 NASDA Annual Meeting. The new policy formally incorporates NASDA’s commitment to racial justice into its policymaking framework.

Historic Memorandum of Understanding

In August 2020, the National Society for Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS), National Association of State Departments of Agriculture and the NASDA Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), embarking on a five-year partnership to grow diversity in agricultural government affairs and agriculture industry leaders. The MOU details plans to increase minority college students’ exposure to employment, educational and business opportunities through state departments of agriculture.

Entering year three of the partnership, we continue to build on the Agriculture Policy Summit which was piloted with 10 MANRRS students at the 2020 NASDA Winter Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. Since its inception, over 40 students have gone through the program. In 2022 the NASDA Foundation took this commitment one step forward and awarded all 20 Agriculture Policy Summit students with a $1,000 Workforce Development scholarship. The goal of the Workforce Development scholarship is to aid students with the up-front costs that can arise with accepting an internship or job in the agriculture industry.

MANRRS promotes academic and professional development of minority students in agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences. Partnering with NASDA and the NASDA Foundation will unlock incredible opportunities for our students professionally and academically.
Dr. Antomia FarrellDr. Antomia Farrell, MANRRS National President
  • NASDA Foundation Women's Project
  • NASDA Foundation Women's Project
  • NASDA Foundation Women's Project
  • NASDA Foundation Women's Project
  • NASDA Foundation Women's Project

NASDA Foundation Women’s Project

In 2017, NASDA Foundation began the Women in Agriculture Project to equip women farmers to become more economically sustainable. NASDA Foundation partnered with Oregon Department of Agriculture and Washington State Department of Agriculture to launch the Women’s Project in the Pacific Northwest. Their goal is to create training models that can be replicated across country.

Our Statement on Racial Justice

We recognize that racism exists in America. NASDA is committed to efforts and partnerships that dismantle systemic racism and discrimination. We reflect on our work to ensure that we continue to focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. NASDA is proud to bring our partners together for dialogue and understanding within the agricultural community, and to find ways to support the work needed to advance and sustain a culture free from prejudice and inequity.

We are ready to listen, learn, and support equitable solutions that elevate all underserved communities.

As a nation, we are in this together, we can do better, and we will be better. Please join us in affecting change for justice for all.