Collaboration and community. These are two things that I have learned throughout my experience at NASDA and what I believe makes the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture unique. When I first applied for this internship I did not know a lot about NASDA, but what I quickly learned was that NASDA is a very collaborative organization that combines the expertise of its staff, members and partners to make real change in advancing and supporting agriculture. With agriculture being such a broad field, I have found it interesting to learn how we can communicate and advocate for a wide array of issues that affect our entire nation.

Having grown up in production agriculture, I have been blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful and supportive agriculture community in my small town. Through NASDA, I’ve been able to experience this same type of community but in a completely different way. Although we were not in the field or barn every day, the work NASDA staff, members and partners do helps advance agriculture and ensure the continuation of the communities I and so many others appreciate so much.

I am incredibly thankful for the connections I have made with NASDA staff, members and partners over the past four months. This experience has been very unique for me and I am excited to continue growing the skills I have gained through this internship. As I move closer to my graduation from South Dakota State University, I have been doing a lot of reflecting about the experiences I have had over the past four years and their impact on my education. I can confidently say that my experience with NASDA has been very rewarding and has given me many skills that are going to positively impact my future success. Thank you to everyone at NASDA for making this a wonderful experience.

Contact Information

Sarah Grace Fowler
Director, Communications