NASDA NASS Program Director Charlie Ingram meets with delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Illinois Enumerator Karen Miller and Supervisor Cindy Myer joined the Heartland farm tour for the Bosnia and Herzegovina delegation.

Enumerator Karen Miller with a Bosnian visitor.

The National Agricultural Statistics Service International Programs Office recently hosted a delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina for a knowledge exchange on agricultural survey and census methodologies. This visit, part of the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Cochran Fellowship Program, included eight delegates from various Bosnia and Herzegovina government agencies, institutes, ministries and industries related to agriculture.

During their visit, Charlie Ingram, NASDA’s NASS Program Director, presented an overview of the  NASDA-NASS cooperative agreement and enumerator program. The delegates were particularly interested in learning about the recruitment, hiring, management and demographics of enumerators, recognizing their impact on the accuracy and efficiency of agricultural data collection.

In the second week, the delegates visited the NASS Heartland Regional Office, where they learned about its operations and toured farms and agricultural facilities to see how data collection integrates with agricultural practices. Some of NASDA’s field enumerators from Illinois – Karen Miller, Cindy Myer, Heartland Reegional Field Office Director Brad Summa and team – played key roles in guiding the delegates through these activities.

The visit gave the delegation valuable insights into NASS’s methodologies while allowing NASDA and NASS to demonstrate their commitment to international collaboration and fostering global partnerships in the agricultural sector.