Farm2Food Accelerator

Empowering small-scale farmers to become more resilient through food production.

“This program laid out step by step the proper way to create, develop and get a product to market! Access to all the industry professionals was so valuable. It was a great help navigating the complicated waters of the food industry.”

Ginger McCabe, Oregon 2022 Farm2Food Graduate

What is the Farm2Food Accelerator?

Farm2Food Accelerator is a 15-week training program built to empower and educate small-scale farmers and food entrepreneurs to become more resilient through food production. The accelerator was built by the NASDA Foundation in partnership with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Washington State Department of Agriculture, Oregon State University Food Innovation Center, and Union Kitchen. The program focuses on helping small-scale farmers and food entrepreneurs use their current agricultural production or local sourced production to develop a packaged, value-added food or beverage product. The Farm2Food Accelerator provides topic-based modular training in product formulation, licensing, food safety, packaging, labeling, marketing, consumer sensory testing, pricing, and pitching.

Where Farm2Food Has Been

The first pilot program launched in Washington and Oregon through grants received from the 2019 Washington State Specialty Crop Block Grant Program and 2019 Oregon Specialty Crop Block Grant Program. Since then, we’ve adapted the curriculum and successfully launched pilots in California, Florida, and Nevada. As the program has grown, it has opened up to additional under-served, small-scale farmers. In Fall 2023 we translated the program to Spanish to reach even more communities around the country.

Where Farm2Food is Going

The NASDA Foundation is always interested in bringing this program to your state! To best meet the needs of different farming communities, each Farm2Food program features different partners, local speakers, benefits, structures, resources, regulatory information, and even funding sources. Learn more about the unique Farm2Food programs across the country by visiting

I learned so much about other products in the market that are similar to mine and received invaluable feedback from the instructors.

Angela, WA

“Having knowledgeable consultants to answer my questions, keeping me on the right track, has been instrumental to me and my product. I also have made many new friends that encourage me to carry on, even when it seems like I hit a wall. This program is such a benefit, and I consider myself blessed to be a part of it.”

Rose, WA

Want to get Involved?

If you are interested in sponsoring the Farm2Food Accelerator program? Please contact Chris Jones.