Indiana State Department of Agriculture

Year Established 2005

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Agriculture is the key to Indiana’s economic foundation. It adds $31.2 billion to Indiana’s economy from food, fuel, fiber, feed and forestry products. The economic ripple effects of these sales— which refer to supply chain purchases and the household spending of workers—generated another $12.9 billion in sales. For every dollar in direct wages and income from farm, food and forest workers, more than 2.5 times that amount flows into a local economy.

The state’s agriculture industries combine to employ more than 107,500 direct workers. Add in the ripple effects, and the total climbs to 188,600 jobs in Indiana. The ratio of direct jobs to total jobs yields a multiplier of 1.8, meaning that every 10 jobs directly related to agriculture support an additional eight jobs in the state.

Indiana is ranked 10th in national total agricultural production and is known for its agricultural diversity. That state ranks:

1stin commercial duck production, wood office furniture and kitchen cabinet manufacturing.

  • 2nd in popcorn production, ice cream production, chickens, total eggs produced and cover crops.
  • 3rd in spearmint and tomatoes.
  • 4th in peppermint, pumpkin and turkeys raised.
  • 5th in corn, soybeans, watermelon and hog production.

More than 80 percent of Indiana land is devoted to farms, forests and woodlands.

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One North Capitol Avenue, Suite 600
Indianapolis, IN 46204