Indiana State Department of Agriculture

Year Established 2005

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(317) 232-8770
One North Capitol Avenue
Suite 600
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Agriculture is the key to Indiana’s economic foundation. It adds $25 billion to Indiana’s economy from farm, food and forestry products. Indiana agriculture has a dramatic $10 billion multiplier effect on local economies, which ends up as a ripple effect. For every dollar in direct wages and income from farm, food and forest workers, more than 2.5 times that amount flows into a local economy.

More than 16 percent of Indiana’s workforce is connected to agriculture, with 573,874 Hoosiers employed by farms. Out of almost 59,000 farms, two-thirds grow crops and one-third raise livestock.

Indiana is ranked 10th in national total agricultural production and is also in the top five for crop production, especially corn and soybeans.

Livestock also plays a large part of Indiana agriculture. It is ranked fifth in swine production, third in poultry.

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Director - Indiana State Department of Agriculture

Business Address
One North Capitol Avenue, Suite 600
Indianapolis, IN 46204